# The following short XML file called "mammals.xml" is parsed
# in the code below. It must be in the project's "data" folder.
# <?xml version="1.0"?>
# <mammals>
#     <animal id="0"species="Capra hircus">Goat</animal>
#     <animal id="1"species="Panthera pardus">Leopard</animal>
#     <animal id="2"species="Equus zebra">Zebra</animal>
# </mammals>
def setup():
    xml = loadXML("mammals.xml")
    firstChild = xml.getChild("animal")
# Sketch prints:
# Capra hircus
Description Returns an attribute value of the element as a String. If the defaultValue parameter is specified and the attribute doesn't exist, then defaultValue is returned. If no defaultValue is specified and the attribute doesn't exist, null is returned.
.getString(name, defaultValue)

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